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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Shapetress?
    Shapetress is a premier non-invasive body sculpting studio where we help our clients lovingly transform their bodies using technology that is not only effective but also soothing and enhancing to the body and mind
  • What services does Shapetress offer?
    Shapetress offers effective and enjoyable Cryo Slimming and Smoothing treatments for the face and body using the Cryo One Selene and Angelique considered to be the “Bentley of the body shaping world.” Our signature “Fresh Face” Cryo Facelift takes 5 years off the face every session leaving you with our signature “Shapetress Glow” and our Cryo Slimming Treatments allow us to eliminate 1-3 inches of distributed fat every time you visit us! We are also able to rejuvenate and smooth the skin with our Cryo Smoothing treatments to eliminate cellulite, sagging skin and uneven skin texture. Each transformation takes place over the course of 6-12 sessions depending on your goals and desires for your body.
  • What is a Shapetress?
    A Shapetress is a smart, savvy and self-defined individual who is deeply invested in supporting you on your body’s transformation through time. Your Shapetress is here to support, encourage and help you create a body you delight living in! Your Shapetress can help you prepare for a major life event such as a wedding, 40th birthday or other major milestone and/or be a valued ally all year long to help you optimize your experience with aging.
  • What does Shapetress stand for?
    Shapetress is a fully-inclusive and body-positive company. We warmly welcome women and men of all ages, races, skin colors, spiritual traditions, sexual orientations and identities. We are a strong supporter of the BLM movement and the LBGTQ community. We are proud of our ongoing outreach efforts and “Fresh Face/Fresh Start” program which works with individuals from challenging life circumstances to help them start transforming their lives starting with transforming the face they see in the mirror everyday. At Shapetress, our goal is to support each individual on his or her unique journey while we collectively making living in this world a more joyful, connected and inclusive experience.
  • How do I experience Shapetress?
    Visit us at one of our Shapetress Studios
  • How does non-invasive body sculpting work?
    The Cryo-One Angelique is a device that safely and effectively uses thermal shock to destroy fat cells naturally and without any damage to your skin. This same machine gives us the opportunity to SLIM (reduce fat deposits) and TONE (lift tone and tighten the skin) effectively and without discomfort. The slimming procedure breaks down fat cells, which are naturally flushed out through your bloodstream and then to the lymphatic system in days to weeks following the treatment. It is a safe, painless and non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It is most similar to “Cool Sculpting” but is cheaper, painless and more effective. Cryoskin toning session help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles all by stimulating collagen and elastin production while tightening muscles, firming skin, reducing pore size and creating a luminous glow
  • Why can't I have slimming treatments more often?
    Our slimming treatments cause the apoptosis (cellular elimination) of the fat cells and during the process, these fat cells turn into cellular waste. This cellular waste will be eliminated by natural routes (blood, lymphatic system, and then urine). The body needs time for the lymphatic system to process this cellular waste and escort it out of the body. Slimming sessions conducted without the 14 day wait period could overload the body and put undue stress on various systems in the body. Cryo-One slimming (fat reduction) offers a significant decrease in fat mass of the course of time. Clinically studies show that the average fat loss per session is 1/2 inch per session. Over the course of 5 sessions, studies show that a 44% reduction in pockets of fat over the course of 5 sessions. Further sessions would allow for further elimination of fat cells.
  • When was Cryowand technology invented?
    This machine was developed in Italy by a team of medical professionals. It has been used successfully in Europe for 10 years where it enjoys the reputation of being the "Rolls Royce" or top of the line in the body sculpting world for its excellence in design and results.
  • How often can I have a session?
    Slimming treatments can be performed once every 1--14 days and Toning treatments can be performed daily.
  • Does it hurt?
    All slimming sessions and toning sessions are cold, refreshing and after the initial shock of the cold, most clients report that they enjoy and look forward to the feeling of the treatment. The slimming session is also pleasant with a blend of warm and cold temperatures. There can be slight pressure when the fat folds are being pressed against the cooling wand which feels like a light pinching but is not painful more like a heavy pressure.
  • Can I workout before/after?
    It is best to abstain from working out for 3 hours before slimming sessions in order to avoid raising your inner core temperature but working out after your session is perfectly fine and encouraged. Infrared saunas and activities that encourage the circulation of lymph fluid (walking, rebounding, vibration plate technology and lymphatic massage) are highly encouraged
  • How do I prepare for a session?
    In the case of slimming (fat reduction) sessions, please abstain from eating any carbohydrates 2 hours before and 2 hours following the slimming session. When we consume carbohydrates, our insulin levels rise preventing us from effectively causing the apoptosis (cellular death of the fat cells). Abstaining from eating carbohydrates during this window will make sure you get the best results from your sessions. Here is a list of food that you CAN eat 2 hours before and 2 hours after your sessions: LIST OF SUGGESTED PRE AND POST SLIMMING SESSION FOODS (we can provide a bag of almonds if you find yourself feeling nibbly. Just ask!) 1. Eggs 2. Bone Broth or Vegetable broth 2. 1 handful of almonds, cashews, walnuts or pumpkin seeds 3. Green salad with oil and lemon juice or a low carb dressing 4. Any meat without a sugary marinade, rub or sauce 5. Cheese 4. Low carb vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers 5. Hemp Milk (be careful or Almond, coconut or cow's milk. They can have a surprisingly high carb count!) 6. Coffee (no creamer or sugar except whipping cream)
  • What are the side effects?
    This is a very safe treatment and side effects are almost never seen or experienced. Sometimes localized redness (that disappears after a few hours) can be noted. Sometimes there can be some slight soreness (like an intense workout) the next day from the slimming treatments. None of these side effects will be limiting to your daily routine physically or visually. Our Fresh Face treatments leave you event ready with a glorious glow with no side effects and ready to apply makeup immediately should you have an upcoming event later in the day. As long as an individual does not have an extreme allergy to the cold, no swelling should occur. Even in the case of a cold allergy, slight redness and swelling may occur but is temporary and non-damaging to the skin long term.
  • Can I have a Shapetress session if I’m pregnant?
    Fresh Face treatments have been found to be safe for pregnant women. Toning and Slimming are not recommended. Like any external treatment, please consult with your doctor before treatment
  • Who should not use Cryo-One Angelique?
    Severe Raynaud’s Severe Allergy to Cold Progressive Diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy) Active Cancer Lymphatic Disorders Uncontrolled Diabetes (or Diabetes-related complications) Severe Kidney or Liver Disease Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Bacterial and viral infections of the skin Wound healing disorders Circulatory disorders Surgery in the past 6 months Pacemaker/metal implants Active/Severe Eczema, rashes, or dermatitis Use of topical antibiotics in the desired treatment area Silicone/other implants in the desired treatment area Mesh inserts in the desired treatment area Irremovable body piercings in the desired treatment area Incision scar(s) in the desired treatment area Counterindications for Cryo-One Toning: Severe Raynaud’s Severe Allergy to Cold Progressive Diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy) Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Bacterial and viral infections of the skin Wound healing disorders Circulatory disorders Surgery in the past 6 months Pacemaker/metal implants Active/Severe Eczema, rashes, or dermatitis Silicone/other implants in desired treatment area Use of topical antibiotics in the desired treatment area Mesh inserts in the desired treatment area Irremovable body piercings in the desired treatment area Counterindications for Fresh Face Treatment/Facial Toning: Severe Raynaud’s Severe Allergy to Cold Progressive Diseases (MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy) Botox in the past 30 days Fillers in the past 90 days Bacterial and viral infections of the skin Wound healing disorders Circulatory disorders Metal implants Surgery in the past 6 months Active/Severe Eczema, rashes, or dermatitis Silicone/other implants in the desired treatment area Use of topical antibiotics in the desired treatment area Irremovable body piercings in the desired treatment area
  • Who would benefit most from the Cryo-One Angelique?
    Anyone who is looking to lose weight or has stubborn areas of fat they are looking to remove or looking to noticeably tone, tighten or lift any area of their bodies. Those with smaller fat deposits will notice the results first, but this treatment is effective for all bodies.
  • How long does a session last?
    Fresh Face treatments are 25 minutes and slimming and toning treatments last from 30-45 minutes depending on the part of the body we are treating.
  • How effective is this technology?
    Every body is different and different body parts require more or less expert sculpting. In our two clinical studies, we saw an average inch loss of 1.85 inches and 1.64 inches respectively on the treatment area. Studies show that 44% of fat deposits can be eliminated within 5 sessions.
  • What should I bring to my appointment?
    You do not need to bring anything just kindly refrain from eating carbohydrates or working out 2 hours before or after your Shapetress session. Please remember to wear your underwear if you are planning a leg or booty sculpting session.
  • Why do you need the gel?
    The gel has been specially designed to retain all its qualities of gliding and protection from -30° up to + 60°. How quickly will I see results? The first results are generally visible from the first session. Imagine a fat cell like a cardboard moving box. During our session, we use the power of thermal shock to collapse that box accounting for the initial inch loss. Over the next 2-12 weeks, your body's lymphatic system will then "take out the trash" and pick up the collapsed boxes (fat cells and cellular debris) and remove them from the body using your body's lymphatic system. Once the fat cells and the cellular debris are gone, they are gone for good. It is possible to refill the fat cells that were not impacted by the treatment by the dietary and fitness choices we make so if additional weight is gained, additional sessions will be needed to get you back to your desired shape.
  • How long will the results last?
    Results with these sessions are long-lasting and the fat loss achieved during slimming sessions is permanent and the effect of the toning lasts for a long time although many clients choose to come in for a touch up every few months to boost their collagen and elastin and keep their skin in a peak state. Keep in mind, the fat cells that are eliminated during our sessions are gone forever, but clients may still gain fat back in the treated area by refilling the remaining fat cells if they do not maintain a balanced lifestyle or gain weight in the selected area.
  • How can I enhance my results?
    Your Shapetress will help give your tools to achieve the best results. We recommend various lifestyle enhancements such as including increased water intake with lemon oil for detoxification, daily brisk walking, dancing and rebounding for lymphatic health and frequent dry brushing to enhance the texture and lymphatic flow of your body. Please consult your doctor for additional recommendation for a healthy lifestyle. We work with an exceptional team of nutritionists, trainers, massage therapists, dance and movement coaches, wellness advocates and energy healer as well as and traditional and alternative doctors who may be helpful in your by creating optimal healthy habits and enhancing your journey in your physical body. At Shapetress, we offer a range of products and techniques to support your lymphatic health and inner and outer well being. Your Shapetress will enhance you on your love affair with your body and may recommend products that may help you. Please always consult with your doctor before adding any supplements or new habits to your lifestyle.
  • Can I get a refund?
    While we do not offer refunds for any reason, we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with your Shapetress experience and your package purchase can be transferred to friends or family, sold or be redeemed for luxury home visits and pampering shaping parties too!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Shapetresses to discuss your body's transformation 

The Shapetress Difference

Shapetress offers a feel-good, highly-effective alternative to going under the knife and other invasive body enhancement options whose side effects and cost often outweigh the benefits.  Our Shapetresses are deeply invested in your body's transformation and look forward to helping you create a body you love living in using cutting edge technology that adds to your health and offers you impressive and natural-looking results that you will adore!


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