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About Lauren Rock, CEO aka Mama Shapetress


Shapetress founder and CEO Lauren Rock enjoyed an illustrious career as an elite Executive Coach and Energy Healer to Hollywood and Wall Street leaders, startup founders and Fortune 100 Executives.  After 10 years in the coaching field helping her clients get unparalleled results with their inner transformations, expanding her scope and starting a company to help clients transform externally while improving their relationship with their physical bodies felt deeply aligned and compelling.

Lauren is elated and encouraged by the enthusiasm and recognition that Shapetress has already received and looks forward to bringing more Shapetress Studios to cities across the US.  She is dedicated to making sure that everyone has a safe, healthy and affordable way to lovingly transform their body when they are ready. Lauren is excited to collaborate with other high vibe companies and individuals to start new conversations about self love, healthy aging and the relationship we all have with our body temple.  Her life goal is to help everyone SHINE brightly and live joyfully and confidently in their bodies.

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Meet the Shapetresses



Aloha! Jayden here, an avid fitness fanatic dedicated to cultivating a harmonious balance between fitness and holistic wellness for over a decade. My journey in bodybuilding for three years unveiled the complexities of sculpting and toning while maintaining a mindful lifestyle. Despite rigorous efforts, spot reduction remained a challenge until I discovered Shapetress. It's the key to achieving my desired physique - sculpting abs while preserving those coveted curves.

Beyond its targeted fat reduction, Shapetress elevates well-being by facilitating lymphatic drainage. Not just limited to body treatments, its gentle approach extends to facial care, catering perfectly to my sensitive skin. With its ability to reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, and address spots and scars, Shapetress aligns seamlessly with my holistic beauty and wellness philosophy.



Hey, it's Muse! A wellness enthusiast at heart, I've dedicated over a decade to sculpting my body through mindful exercise and nutrition. My experience in bodybuilding taught me the intricacies of achieving targeted fat reduction while maintaining a shapely physique. Shapetress emerged as my ultimate ally, allowing me to sculpt my abs while preserving my desired curves.

This revolutionary approach isn't just about spot reduction; it's a holistic solution that promotes lymphatic drainage and overall wellness. Shapetress' gentle care extends to facial treatments, perfect for my sensitive skin. Witnessing reduced wrinkles, enhanced collagen, and significant improvements in spots and scars has solidified its place in my holistic beauty routine.

Curious about the transformative potential of Shapetress? Reach out, and let's embark on this empowering journey toward holistic beauty and wellness!



Hey there, it's Aimee! As a fervent advocate for holistic well-being, my journey spans a decade of nurturing a mindful and health-centric lifestyle. Despite immersing myself in bodybuilding, targeted fat reduction remained a hurdle. Enter Shapetress - the game-changer in my fitness regimen. It's the secret sauce to shaping my abs while preserving the feminine contours I love.

Shapetress goes beyond merely targeting fat; it fosters lymphatic drainage, enhancing overall vitality. Its gentle yet effective facial treatments have revolutionized my skincare routine. With reduced wrinkles, increased collagen, and noticeable improvements in spots and scars, Shapetress perfectly complements my non-invasive beauty approach.

Ready to embrace a transformative beauty journey? Connect with me to dive into the wonders of Shapetress and unlock your true radiance!

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Aloha! I am a total fitness fanatic and been mindful of my body physique for over 10 years now. I been living a consistent healthy lifestyle, exercising, and eating well. However, Shapetress has taken my body to another level. Spot reducing fat on specific body parts are difficult even with the strictest diet and exercise. I know this because I have done body building for three years. You either gain in one place and gain in another or lose in one place and lose in another. For example, I want to keep my booty big and plump as possible while reducing the subcutaneous fat on my abs. Shapetress allows me to do this! In addition, it helps with lymphatic drainage and overall well being. I also upkeep my facial with Shapetress as well because normal facials could be too abrasive for my sensitive skin. It helps reduce wrinkles, increases collagen, tightens my skin, and reduce spots, acnes, and scars. I love Shapetress as an overall noninvasive  holistic approach in beauty to feel good, confident, and sexy in my body while still respecting my body and myself through living an overall healthy lifestyle that complements the treatments for best long term sustainable results. Holla at your girl Kala if you would like a treatment by me!

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Colin is our exceptionally organized and knowledgeable Shapetress.. Colin  is highly knowledgeable in Cryo Therapy, working with clients directly for 5 years.. His skill set enables him to be a well-rounded and a valuable asset to our team. Colin  prides himself in keeping up with industry knowledge and educating patients on these advancements and skincare services. When not with patients, you will see Colin enjoying his time off with his family.

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